Philippine television industry has launched and produced a large number of movies with the best story line and productions. Now that 2017 is also at its end, let us pick the best Filipino movies of 2017 that you can watch before 2017 ends.

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Top 10 Favorite Pinoy Movies


100 Poems for Stella (2017)

100 poems for Stella is a newly released Filipino movie that was released on 21st August 2017. This Philippine love story is written and directed by Jason Paul Laxmana. Also, 100 peoms for Stella is a Viva Film Production.

This movie is based on a story of a boy (Fidel Lansagan) and a girl (Stella Puno). They became friends in 2004 as freshman in their college. They both were enrolled in bachelor’s degree. Fidel and Stella both had completely different personalities; Fidel was a serious and honorable student who loves poetry. Whereas Stella is a tough and rough girl who has more interest in her band music rather than her studies.

Best of Filipino 2017 Movies

Fidel falls in love with Stella and started writing poems for her, he wrote a total of 100 poems. But, Fidel has no confidence to read those poems to Stella.

This film will showcase the four years of Fidel trying to show Stella about his feelings. Cast of this drama is JC Santos as Fidel Lansagan, Bela Padilla as Stella Puno, Caleb Santos as Von and Prince Stefan as Chuck.

Northern Lights: A Journey to Love (2017)

Northern Lights is another romantic love story by Philippine television industry that was released initially on 29th March 2017. This movie is a production of Regal Entertainment and Star Cinemas. It is directed by DonDon S. Santos and is edited by Chrisel Desuasido.

Best of Filipino 2017 Movies

Northern Lights: A Journey to Love is a movie about a non serious guy, Charlie. SR who is a Philippine immigrant in Alaska. His carefree life changes when he gets to take care of his estranged son, Charlie JR. He had left his son back home in the Philippines when he was moving to Alaska.

Best of Filipino 2017 Movies

Northern Lights is also about a girl named Angel. Angel is a very informal and quirky Filipina girl who had came to Alaska to fine her lost mother. Cast of this drama is Piolo Pascal as Charlie SR, Raikko Mateo as Charlie JR and Yen Santos as Angel. Charlie SR and Angel’s life’s changes when they meet each other and starts living their lives together.

As for the best 2017 pinoy channel movies, these two movies are rated as the best ones this year and so are a must watch in these coming holidays.